Therapy Kinections is an innovative child-based clinic that offers a variety of therapeutic services to children from birth to young adulthood.  Our friendly, experienced and dedicated team of caring pediatric specialists offer the best possible treatment services for children who are having difficulty with daily activities such as selfcare, academics, play, social skills, organization and coordination.  We help children to reach their fullest potential by facilitating optimal development and participation in daily activities in a warm and inviting setting.  We specialize in holistic treatment and offer a full range of pediatric therapy services for your special child, including occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.  Therapy Kinections also believes in the philosophy that caregiver education is very important so we maintain a family-centric philosophy whereby we have open communications and address not only the needs of the children but also the needs of the families.

We have the best of both worlds because our son enjoys coming every week and we also see noticeable improvement with him.

Not only do the therapists treat our children well, but they also like keeping us abreast of how they are progressing along the way.

They go the extra mile when working with my child.

I find Therapy Kinections to be a positive environment and a wonderful setting to connect with others who may have similar situations.

They're always willing to share information and keep us abreast.  Their lending library has been very helpful to us.

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Mommy & Me Classes

We now have Mommy & Me classes that are available at Therapy Kinections during the mornings.

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