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My son Braedyn was originally diagnosed with a Neurological Condition called Lissencephaly, however it was recently changed to Septo- Optic Dysplasia. He also has high muscle tone and contracture of his knees. In the 5 months we have been going to Therapy Kinections, Braedyn has improved in every area 100%. His therapists, not only make Braedyn work very hard, they honestly love him so much and it's obvious. And Braedyn loves them just as much, the smile he gets when he sees them is just heartwarming.  We owe so much to them, and are so thankful for everything they have done and continue to do for our little man.
My 7 month old was diagnosed with hypertonicity, it was the scariest thing, as a mother, that I have ever been through. During this hard time, I found Therapy Kinections in Southbury. I took my son there and as soon as I walked in all the ladies came out to meet him and greet me. All of a sudden, we weren't "patients". They treat my little man so well going above and beyond. Every single person who works there is not only professional but also connects with you on a personal level when you feel all alone in a situation such as I was feeling. I cannot recommend them enough and I drive over 45 minutes 3x a week just to have my baby seen by them!
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My daughters have been coming to therapy for quite a while.  We've seen such great improvement both physically and emotionally.  Today was one of those teary amazing days. What a gift to have my daughter come out to get me to show me what she had accomplished!  To see her so proud of herself was just beautiful.  Both of the girls therapists are amazing with them, encouraging and pushing them to do things they don't think they can.  I can't even put it in words how awesome it is to be blessed with people that cheer on my children as loudly as I am.  They have a genuine love for their work and I am so thankful for all they do!